Canadian shield offers free consultations!

Canadian Shield offers Radon testing and mitigation services to both commercial and residential customers. We do comprehensive short and long term Radon testing, as well as mitigation, which is guaranteed to bring Radon levels in the property to below the Health Canada recommendation of less than 100 bequerells per m3.

We also provide Radon testing for real estate transactions, where the homeowner recieves a hard copy of the results for their records. 


Types of  TestinG

Short Term Test

Short term tests offer a quick and inexpensive way to screen for Radon in your home. These tests do not measure the annual average level of Radon. They are typically left in place for 2 to 7 days, as tests lasting less than 48 hours are not valid. Due to the express nature of the test, short term tests do require extra measures to ensure accuracy. 

Called “closed-house conditions," these measures include:

  • All Doors & Windows must be closed

  • If the test is less than 4 days in length, the house must be under closed-house conditions for 12 hours immediately prior to testing



Long Term Test 

Long Term Tests should be left in place for a minimum of 90 days. Compared to short-term tests, long term tests provide results that more accurately reflect the average amount of Radon in your home during the year. Because a long term test better reflects the Radon levels present, they are recommended in order to determine the need for mitigation.


RADON Mitigation Services

A mititgation system WILL fix the Radon problem in your property. Canadian Shield offers free in-home consultations and estimates. We will come to your residence, answer any questions, inspect your home and explain the options available for the mitigation system, installations and costs. Before any system is installed, customers can expect to have a written quote prepared, outlining the costs. 


Radon mitigation financing is available through the Manitoba Hydro Energy Financing Plan.