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Radon is Canada's second leading cause of lung cancer, taking the lives of over 3000 Canadians every year. Radon is able to penetrate any home, whether brand new, or years old. Being hard to detect without proper equipment, it is essential to have your home tested by a C-NRPP certified professional. This ensures all local codes and Health Canada guidelines are adhered to, and that a quality job is done. 



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We hired Eric and Glen from Canadian Shield to initially test the radon level in our home . We ended up having a radon mitigation fan installed in our home. They were outstanding from the start of this process from the radon testing, to the communication testing, to the installation of the fan, and the initial follow up to test the radon level post installation. They were very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and helpful in answering any of our questions and concerns! We would definitely recommend them to anyone who is concerned or considering having their home tested and fitted for radon mitigation!
— Neil and Melissa Masesar